Nov 23, 2009

Classic Tradition: Kiran and Asif Part III

Let's end with Kiran and Asif's fabulous valima and afterparty across the globe. San Francisco City Hall is one of our favorite venues for a desi wedding. Every wedding we've seen there has turned out amazing - it's something to do with the grandeur of the location combined with the rich traditions of south asia. Taimur captured it perfectly!

An outfit change and a disco ball - perfect segue into an afterparty.

San Francisco Organizer: Miriam Leigh
Valima Venue: San Francisco City Hall
Valima Catering: Dan McCall & Associates
Valima Catering (Pakistani Food): Mehran Restaurant & Catering
Valima Florals: Miguel Torres/ McCall & Associates
Valima Entertainment: Damon Guidry/Innovative Entertainment
Valima Videography: Stefan Sargent
Bridal Attire: HSY Studio
Photographer: Taimur Ali Ahmed
Photographer: Sherman Chu
Lahore Event Organizer: Zareen Khalid


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