Nov 3, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

We love wedding games and nothing beats jhoota chuphai! The intense negotiations, well timed zingers, and mandatory one liners from the grandmother make it the highlight of many weddings.

Here are some images by Danielle Aquiline that capture the moment perfectly.

The shoe has just been stolen.

Look at the reactions as the negotiations begin.

And the bridesmaids get their way....

So tell us, what are your favorite wedding games or rasams? We'd love to know.

Jhoota Chupai: A tradition where the bride's sisters/bridesmaids steal the groom's shoes and hold them for ransom. It can occur during the ceremony or reception. It's a fun event that usually gets the crowd going.


  1. i LOVE the bride's outfit in these pictures? Who is the designer? A good friend of mine is planning her nuptials for next year and need to figure out if she should go back home (India) to get the outfits made or should she find someone in the US. I look forward to reading more on this site and passing the word along!!!

  2. I loved this part - can I do this at a Jamaican/Tex-Mex wedding too?
    Great site girls!