Nov 24, 2009

Lets Dance!

One of the best things about desi weddings are the dance performances of family and friends. The charm lies in the fact that it's a homemade labor of love with countless hours of practice. And it brings everyone closer in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

This past summer we went through so many youtube videos* looking for choreography inspiration for a family wedding (one moment we all remember fondly was when my cousin tripped). Well, if we had known this wedding was out there we definitely could have come up with some really cool moves. The crowd is so into the dance and you can tell everyone is having so much fun!

How awesome is the groom's little number at the end! And that guy in the front is amazing - you can tell he choreographed the whole thing.

Check out the original video here. They already have a ton of commenter love.

Also, we just did this in our living room. It's a lot harder than it looks! Kind of like the last time we did "Single Ladies".

*seriously though, we don't even want to tell you how we got sucked into the vortex that is youtube.


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