Nov 16, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That: Robyn and Sush Part I

Let's start the week off right with this wedding all the way from Alberta, Canada. Another hit from Rob and Lauren - we are quickly becoming big fans of this talented duo.

Robyn and Sush had a two-ceremony wedding celebrating their Sikh and Malankara Orthodox heritage and it included all the little traditions that make up a South Asian wedding (and make weddings so special for us). Let's begin where they began. The colorful Sikh ceremony!

Another wedding game done right. Sush had to bribe all the bridesmaids to be let into Robyn's house. Of course the bridesmaids got their way.

Lastly, the symbolic end of the ceremony. Here Sush leads Robyn out of the house while they are tied together with a dupatta. Robyn throws rice over her head to ward off the evil eye and protect the new union.

But we're not done yet...stay put for a lot more from this great wedding!

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