Nov 6, 2009

The Most Iconic Portrait Session Ever: Megha and Chakshu

We don't know how to put into words our reaction when we happened upon these photographs by the globe trotting Rob and Lauren. Megha and Chakshu had a huge wedding extravaganza that spanned across Canada and India. While they were at it, they managed to have these photographs taken at the Taj Mahal. Its the Taj Mahal!! Seriously, the Taj freakin' Mahal!! Photographs of a couple in love in front of the most iconic symbol of love. What more could you ask for?

Go here to read the behind the scenes story and hear about the major hoops Rob and Lauren had to jump through to get these images. Wasn't it all worthwhile!

Once again, we want to thank Rob and Lauren for letting us share these images with you.

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  1. these images are stunning! thanks so much for sharing them!