Nov 12, 2009

An Urban Wedding Part I: Kristi and Ravi

We are so excited to be bringing you our next featured wedding. Kristi and Ravi’s urban color explosion was beautifully shot by the talented team over at Christian Oth Studio and they are letting us share this wedding with you. Since the bride, Kristi, has done such a wonderful job describing her day, we’re going to hand over the reins to her:

We had a vision off the bat and that was to take the very best elements of his Hindu heritage and my midwest Christian background and seamlessly intertwine them into one romantic and beautiful ceremony. It had to be bright. It had to have ritual. It had to be happy. It had to be touching. It had to have humor. It had to have tears. It had to have dance. It had to be raw. It had to have art. It had to have surprise. It had to have delight. But more than anything it had to be inspired... It must be about our story and have heart and soul. Oh... and how about we twist all of that up with a modern flair in a completely white NYC loft and rooftop (Studio 450) with the New Yorker sign as a backdrop and the Hudson on the other side??! Yeah, that sounds about right.

As for the ceremony, our interfaith reverend, Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb, was amazing! There was not one dry eye left and she managed to capture us perfectly and inject some humor too! It was simply breathtaking.

Always love a good shimmy down the aisle! And still can't get over the shots in the hotel. Stay put...there more's to come from this fabulous affair!


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