Dec 3, 2009

Add Some Pattern

image via ourlaboroflove

We've always had a thing for south asian textiles and prints and go a little crazy when we see all the variety there is (especially enjoy bargaining for textiles with shopkeepers when in the motherland - their verbal sparring is quite impressive).

Incorporating textiles onto your tabletop is an easy way to make a statement. Add some prints as a runner, overlay or even a simple napkin and it will instantly brighten up a party.

image via David Abel photography

Since renting tablecloths and overlays can get expensive, buying your own fabric to pretty up simple tablecovers is not a bad idea, and it's not that difficult either.

We did this for a family mehndi over the summer and all it involved was some fabric, some scissors, and a lovely mother willing to sew the hems!!

(Lovely mothers are always a bonus right!)

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  1. Can you please tell me where you found these wonderful fabrics? Particularly the ones used in the bottom photos. Thanks: