Dec 8, 2009

A City Session: Namrata and Pavan

Today we thought we'd devote the day to portraits. Lets start with some highlights from an engagement session shot by the wonderful Punam Bean.

Love the shimmering city lights in the first one. And changing outfits during the session so you can wear traditional clothes for some of the pictures - great idea!

Just something short and sweet to start your day :).

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see the Reception Pics from this Halloween Day wedding in Philadelphia.
    Namrata & Pavan were awesome to work with as they both were soo calm and cool thru the entire planning process..
    These smiles from the engagement shoot lasted the whole way thru to the wedding day even in spite of the New York Giants staying at the same facility and the Philadelphia Phillies in the world series over the weekend...

    Ruchir Mewawala