Dec 4, 2009

A Fall Wedding: Anjanee and Jon Part III

There's so many things about this wedding to love: lets start with the stylish bridal party. The green bouquets pop against the purple sarees, and the purple ties blend well with the black suits. We think purple and black is definitely an underrated combination. The whole look is cohesive and elegant.

But really, the reason we all love looking at wedding pictures is for the details. And this one has some amazing ones. Check out those centerpieces!

Jessica did a bang-up job of bringing it all to life.

Now we're about to dig into all the little details that made this wedding. Emerald City Designs created some amazing florals and then went one step further and used bamboo stalks for the centerpieces. Brilliant.
Before we go into a soliloquy about how much we adore this cake, here's a disclaimer: we pretty much had the same cake when one of us got married. That probably says enough about how much we love it.
Always fans of candy bars, this one's no exception. And the personalized touch to the napkins? Loves.

How pretty is the necklace dangling down the back. Looks a lot like some of the pieces in Padma Lakshmi's jewelry line.

Congratulations Anjanee and Jon! And thank you so much Jessica for sending these over. Phenomenal job, once again.

Photographer: Jessica Johnston
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Forest Lake Country Club


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