Dec 7, 2009

A Little Wedding Inspiration from Portland

This past weekend we took a trip up to Portland, Maine, and the city was so chock full of pretty little details that could be incorporated into a wedding! We thought we'd share a few of them with you...

Drinks served in mason jars...perfect for an outdoor summer cocktail hour. Think lemonade, arnold palmers, iced tea, with lots of mint and sliced lemons!

How about a late night snack for guests, once all the dancing starts to wear them out: mini sandwiches and pickles, laid out oh so precisely on cute little wooden trays.

French fries made with duck fat, and served in crisp white cones. Hors d'oeuvres everyone would love!

And finally, lovely macarons in all sorts of colors piled high on a dessert table.

*(almost) all photographs courtesy of the husband/brother-in-law
**first three sets of pictures taken at Duck Fat
***last photo of a bookcover taken while browsing Rabelais; picture of macarons piled high via we will always have paris

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  1. OMG These pictures are amazing!!!1!11

    Do you know if the photographer is available for fashion shoots??