Dec 9, 2009

Munib Nawaz: Part I

There's a lot of attention paid to bridal attire but the men kind of get the short end of the stick. Well, trust us, it's not due to a lack of selection. Last time we went shopping for a groom in South Asia, it wasn't as quick as we thought it would be. Since everything there is usually custom made, be prepared to choose every single detail down to the last button, including embroidery colors, and even the collar width. We actually ended up having a lot of fun with shopkeepers (they love modeling the turbans so do insist that they try them on).

Today we thought we'd share some of the work of rising designer Munib Nawaz. He's been making quite a splash in the fashion world lately and we can see why. Here are some of his more casual looks that would work really well for mehndi or sangeet.

The more formal looks have that quintessential nehru collar. Here are some of our favorites below:


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