Dec 14, 2009

A Rajasthani Affair: Priti and Jaouad Part I

The wedding we're sharing today is kind of a big deal. Priti and Jaouad's nuptials have already made the blog and magazine rounds but when Karen Wise agreed to share these incredible images with us, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity!

Priti and Jaouad met in Marrakesh, he proposed on the way to Tangiers, and they decided to have their wedding in India (Udaipur and Delhi)! You can already tell this affair is going to be in a league of its own.

First we have the mehndi. The insane, fit for royalty, every color of the rainbow mehndi.

Love the little drummer boy.

This picture of Priti is probably the most recognizable image of an indian bride out there.

Doesn't the woman in the pink saree exude the sleek sophistication of Shabana Azmi?

Love love love this last one. Nothing but film can capture colors quite like this.

Can't wait to show you the rest of this amazing wedding.

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