Jan 12, 2010

A Crazy Good Time: Samar and Shane Part I

Today we're featuring a one of a kind mehndi - a fun and eclectic mix of Pakistani and Irish traditions, all set against the backdrop of explosive color and pretty pretty details. And we get to see it all through the incredible photographs of the team over at Carla Ten Eyck.

First, we have a great big barn transformed into a plush oasis with yards of fabric, colorful tapestries, and lots of candlelight.

Jokes and doodles and a perky little mehndi sign - perfection.

The lovely Samar and Shane.

Can't you just feel the excitement and energy of the day? A smiling dhol player sure helps with that.

Love love love this shot. The twirling, the lanterns, the canopy, everything.

A glittery end to a choreographed dance. So pretty.

More mehndis should be in barns don't you think? Just about anything in a barn would be great actually.

There's lots more to come from this amazing wedding.

Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck
Event Planner: Charmed Places
Flowers and Decor: Linda Baldwin Flowers
Venue: Oak Hill Estate


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