Jan 6, 2010

A Flair for Hair (pieces)

We have quite a thing for the ban.do headpieces that have taken the blogging world by storm. After all, they're just so much fun to play with. But it made us a little sad on the inside thinking that we could never pull them off with our eastern outfits and so we quietly relegated the look to the western side of the closet.

But then...we were so excited to see the styling of Nickie and Nina's recent collection with some very ban.do-esque headpieces. Check it out.

images via fashioncentral

And here are some of our favorite pieces from ban.do's bridal collection:

images via ban.do

This just makes us want to be more adventurous with our look (like some of our very stylish readers). And yes this might not work if you're the actual bride because you have so much other jewelry going on. But maybe as a bridesmaid or even a guest? We also love the idea of wearing these for an engagement session.

p.s. - If you do decide to rock this look at whatever party you attend, please let us know! We'd love to see how you guys pull it off because we're nosy like that.


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