Jan 4, 2010

From a Cake To a Dress

And we're back...

Hope you all had a great holiday season and new years! We thought we'd start this brand new year off with...a cake and a dress. Two essentials for any wedding.

images via rebeccathuss and verveonline

We are in love with this cake - the little coconut shavings add such great texture, and really play up the ruffles in that Umesh Vashisht dress (which Genelia D'Souza is rocking in Verve Magazine!).

It reminds us of When Harry Met Sally, they had a five-tiered coconut cake with chocolate sauce on the side! Are we a little obsessed with the movie - perhaps.


  1. Happy New Year! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. i know! the cake looks so delicious. And happy new year to both you as well!!