Jan 8, 2010

Tulle Time

Tulle. Layers and layers of frothy goodness. We've seen it peeking out underneath a few different lehngas now and it gives off such a fun and flirty vibe. Not only is it functional - gives lots of volume to a lehnga; it's also perfect for twirling in, and looks especially pretty when showing off shoes. Definitely a trend we'd like to see more of!

images via chris + lynn, vogue india and our labor of love


  1. Going to India soon to shop for my bridal outfits so I've been on the lookout for interesting east-west fashion forward details and the tulle is perfect! I especially heart the bottom image with the henna and spectacular red peep-toe heels.

  2. Do you know the designer of the outfit on the bottom?

  3. We actually don't know who the designer is but isn't it gorgeous! If we do find out, we'll be sure post it.

    1. OMG! I LOVE those rhinestone shoes! Were you able to find out who the designer is?

  4. I am deparate for those rhinestone shoes!

    love them. :)

  5. Just to let everyone know we weren't able to find out who designed the shoes. These shoes were worn by a bride from a real wedding shown here: http://marigoldsandmithai.blogspot.com/2010/07/lavish-wedding-sandy-and-sonny.html

    If anyone finds a similar pair feel free to post here!