Feb 23, 2010

All About Mandaps

Today we thought we'd do a round up of some of the mandaps we've seen so far. We've seen couples use everything from yards of beautifully draped fabric to clusters of flowers, even some very elegant tent inspired mandaps. There's just so much you can do, this is just a small sampling of all the possibilities...

images via ShaadiChic, A Bryan Photo, Strictly Weddings, Brooke Schwab Photography, Anna Kuperberg, ShaadiChic, Tyler Vu, Google Images, Jessica Johnston Photography, Christian Oth Studio, Dane Sanders


  1. Thank you sharing such wonderfully designed mandaps. These designs are really unique and a mixture of both modern and traditional. Flower decoration and lighting enhances the look of the mandap. Here is a link that I think you will find interesting.

  2. Those are really exquisite! It's festive but still very classy. The color gives warmth and joyful atmosphere at the same time.