Feb 3, 2010

A Perfect Pear

top row images via 100layercake, tesco, marthastewartweddings, flickr: bottom row images via tangorra wedding planning, marthastewartweddings, tangorra wedding planning, mel barlow

Lately, we've been having cravings for pears - there's just something about them - they're a little more exotic than apples but equally delicious. And yes. If we have a craving, that means you too, dear readers, must suffer through it.

So here we are, dreaming of all the ways in which pears could be incorporated into a wedding - and there are actually plenty of ways. You can give them away as favors (all wrapped up in pretty tissue paper) or use them for place cards (cover them with gold foil for a fancy touch), serve them as dessert, plop them into centerpieces, or draw them onto invitations...the sky's the limit.

Phew. After all that, we may just have had our fill.


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