Feb 5, 2010

Southern Charm: Megan and Mihir Part III

You know all those events surrounding the wedding? The rehearsal dinners, luncheons, random gatherings. Well, this couple had plenty of those and really put thought into each event. We thought we'd share some of our favorite detail shots from their wonderful wedding weekend. After all, it's the details that everyone loves to see!

Their rehearsal dinner is so rustic and warm. Love the pale blue color palette and the bark candles all lined up on the tables.

The bridal luncheon is so ladylike with the cool lemonade/iced tea on the veranda and the sunny yellow chairs in the garden.

This party looks like so much fun!!! Megan and Mihir had this crazy fun party after their hindu ceremony, the night before the american ceremony and reception. So many parties, so many details, SO MUCH FUN.

All photographs by A Bryan Photo - they really have a gift for capturing moments, don't you think? But that's not all, they also captured this wedding on film! You can go see Megan and Mihir's wedding videos here. And for a complete look at all the wedding events, go here.

A big, big thank you to A Bryan Photo for letting us share this amazing wedding with you.


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