Mar 31, 2010

Balloons As Decor

Lately we've seen balloons popping up everywhere - not just as props for engagement shoots, but also as decor. And couples are getting really creative with the way they incorporate them into the look of their event. Best of all, they are so so budget friendly.

So we thought we'd collect some of the ways we've seen balloons used really well as decor - be it on dessert tables, all lined up down the aisle, as props for escort cards, tied to the backs of chairs, or even hanging from ceilings (lanterns might work better in this case).

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At the same time, we realize that balloons also have the potential to become kind of kitschy and prom circa 1980, so here are some observations we've made that might help ensure the look works.

- the larger the balloon, the more impact it has
- when in doubt about using color, know that you can't go wrong with white
- balloons really seem to pop in stark, industrial locations
- they also add a fun, playful touch to outdoor events
- and finally, as long as you love it, go for it (because sometimes, against all odds, loud, bright bunches can add just the right touch)

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  1. From birthday parties to marriages...balloons are everywhere...Great tips on how to use them right.