Apr 20, 2010


top row images via lubna rafiq, fahad hussayn; bottom row images via lakme, maram abroo, shahid malik

A traditional piece of jewelry that never goes out of style is the nose ring (naath). It has that timeless, romantic quality to it.

However, to be honest it's probably not something we would wear on the big day because we'd be too self-conscious about our noses! Another point to take into consideration is that if you wear the round hoop, be aware that it might constantly stick against your lipstick and a lot of reapplications might be necessary. Maybe it could be something you wear for the ceremony and then take off for the reception, like this bride?

How do you feel about the naath? Would you wear one on your big day?


  1. I LOVE them- especially the larger ones. I will definitely be wearing one for the different wedding events.

  2. Yah same thing happened with a friend of mine. She wore it on her wedding day and it was too uncomfortable for her. Seeing her I quit the idea of wearing one myself. But yes, for those who can carry, it is a piece not to be missed.

  3. Hi, I wore one for my wedding in 2011, and loved it! It kept falling off but i kept on putting it back on, lol. In my pics i forgot to put it back on thou ;( -Lorrel SA.