Apr 22, 2010

That 20s Hair

Well, this week certainly seems to be one of image round-ups, but we've been meaning to discuss this hairstyle for a while now - you know, that roaring wavy 20s look? The tight curl right next to the forehead just looks so elegant with a sari.

images via thefashionspot, memoriesinmotion, poplovely
, top and bottom left images via farrokh chothia photography

We actually requested this at the last wedding we went to and the hairstylist mentioned that it takes a while to recreate and works better when done in a salon (with all their gadgets and hair dryers we guess). Are we just horribly helpless when it comes to matters of hair, or do you think you could pull this off without the help of a stylist?

p.s. - That top Ritu Kumar ad really makes us want to get on a train with a long sari pallu! And Devika Rani just does it so well....


  1. yes! My sister in law amisha practiced this on me once, check out her pics on facebook, Amisha Patel..

  2. Yes you can do it and you can DIY it in about 30 minutes :)
    Here is a link to the look done twice by me!
    Saman Ansari