May 4, 2010

How To Make An Entrance

Once again, DJ Crime Master Gogo is back for some musical insight:

I believe the songs played during the various traditions of any South Asian wedding should really add to the moment. Whether you are trying to excite the crowd during a dholki, grab the guests’ attention for an entrance, or in the business of making people cry during the rukhsati/vidaai – the music matters.

image via vintage photographs at live journal

This week I will share some thoughts on entrances. It seems there are two go-to options when choosing a song for your arrival: classic or popular. You can’t go wrong with classic bollywood. And sometimes the most popular songs of the moment catch you in their grip, or a certain song just becomes an unbeatable staple. It’s easy to forget about the music but I think taking the time to find a song that means something to you can help you own the moment. Not that you need to, but if you are looking for something a little different from the classics or what you hear at every other wedding, I say go back to the films you love and find a song that will always make you think of your big day.

Here are some personal recommendations to get you started, both new and old, that I am surprised aren’t used more often. Some work better for specific events (Mehndi/Sangeet vs. Baraat vs. Valima), but it’s all about mixing and matching what you like to how you want to feel.

For the Bride:

Ab Mujhe Koi” from the film Ishqiya (2010).

Pehli Baar Mohabbat” from the film Kaminey (2009).

Dil Gira Dafatan” from the film Delhi 6 (2009).

Tu Bole, Main Boloon” from the film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008).

Tu Bin Bataye” from the film Rang De Basanti (2006).

O Rey Chori” from the film Lagaan (2001).

Dheeme Dheeme” from the film Zubeida (2001).

For the Groom (Sadly, there’s just not as much choice out there for the men):

Wedding Qawwali” from the stage musical Bombay Dreams (2002).

Dulhe Ka Sehra” from the film Dhadkan (2000).

Don’t abandon the classics and hits, just add to them. Also, I say edit the songs to whatever length you like, cutting out the parts you don’t need and maybe even looping certain parts you love. Go ahead, walk to your own personal soundtrack.



  1. Hey, nice suggestions on the songs. Tu bin bataye from Rang de basanti and dheeme dheeme from Zubieda are perfect for the occasion.

  2. Some more suggestions:
    For the bride: Teri Ore from Singh is King (the beginning is great)
    For the Groom: Jashne Bahar from Jodha Akbar