Jun 30, 2010

Glass Jars

Really into glass jars and bottles lately. A big cluster full of blooms is an easy way to create some drama. Especially loving the idea of placing them in front of mirrors to create focal points in a room - would be perfect for an escort table too.

images via this is glamorous, Sarah Klassen, oh joy

And if you're a planner, you can start thrifting for the jars early on for some real savings. Plus you get to keep them after the fact to use around the house. It's a win win situation.


  1. love the cluster look..with all the different sizes. a good idea for weddings if having a candy bar or any favors would be to offer it in different sized glass jars!

  2. can i say...if one of the bottles were colored, a blue colored or red would have added that absolute 'wow factor'....or maybe a colored flower!....just another perspective...