Feb 18, 2012

Some Polish

A question was posed on twitter asking if other desi brides were changing their nail polish from one event to another and it got us thinking. If you have events back-to-back that might not be feasible but at the same time South Asian weddings consist of many outfit changes. So how do you decide what nail polish would work for all these various events?

image via vogue india november 2009 issue; dress by anamika khanna

There are a couple of options:

- You could match every outfit by changing the color daily if that's your prerogative or by doing a nude or clear shade (like this bride)

- You could do a color that might match one outfit and contrast ever so nicely with another (pictured above). Doesn't the green look so pretty against the white?

- You could choose a color in the same color range as all your outfits - pinks and reds often work nicely for this if you have brightly colored outfits (red just somehow works with everything!).

- You could layer from one event to another. For example, you could start with a nude or deep plum shade and then the next day add a bit of glitter like here.

- Or you could just not care, go all out with your nail art and have fun with it!

* We posted this picture before and we absolutely love the image so of course had to share again. We think Farrokh Chothia took it for Vogue India


  1. Your guys are doing such an amazing job! This blog is simply outstanding. Keep up the good work!


  2. Great advise, as we cover lot of indian weddings..so this helps.