Dec 1, 2009

Yummy Chutney Favors

Of course favors are entirely optional but for those of you who want to give a little token of appreciation to your guests with food (our favorite kind of favors), we think chutney would be a delicious solution. It's a great project for you DIY brides who want to get a little crafty without breaking the bank. Yay for staying within budget!

Also, if your family has a great recipe it's a wonderful way to incorporate tradition. We always get excited when our mom makes her plum chutney.

image via the way we ate; original image from gourmet magazine 1980

Mini Glass Jars (available at
netbottle, ikea, and the container store)
(sample recipe)

Optional Materials: Ribbon/Butcher Twine, Labels

Simply make the chutney a couple of days before the wedding/bridal shower, fill up the jars and seal tightly. Voila, you're done!

For a little something extra, add ribbon/twine around the jar. If you want to use these jars as placecards, you can print off labels or cut out name tags to attach to the twine.

*Remember to sterilize the jars and let people know it should be refrigerated once opened.

images via Virginia Chutney Co., ifood

For those of you who aren't so DIY inclined (which we're not so great at either but kinda getting into it) you can always buy some chutney. There are some great companies making chutney such as Hampton Chutney Co. (their dosas are delicious), Virginia Chutney Co. and Bombay Emerald Chutney Co.


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