Dec 2, 2009

A Color Explosion: Lindsey and Avi Part I

Lindsey and Avi did an amazing job of combining their Punjabi and American heritage to create something that's kind of out of this world. There's color, there's laughter, there's energy and did we mention there's color.

We're starting off with their Sikh ceremony and later today we'll be sharing their Western ceremony and reception.

The portraits are just insane, all shot by the talented Jesse Leake. We just can't get over how vibrant this ceremony is.

That's enough gushing, lets dig in shall we.

Pink, orange, turquoise, yellow and blue. Yup, sounds about right.

Now we're about to start all the portraits of guests! What a brilliant idea (you could send these to them with their thank you cards - who wouldn't love a picture like this of themselves).

Cobalt blue turbans, and they even managed to find carpet that matched. seriously?

This last one is one of our favorite bridal party/family portraits ever!

We can't wait to show you the rest of this crazy good affair.


  1. This is beautiful wedding party......

  2. wow she married a terrorist?