Feb 8, 2010

Confetti in the Mail

image via creature comforts

We saw this confetti filled save the date on creature comforts and were instantly inspired. You all know our obsession with confetti, so the idea of sending handfuls of it in the mail - we were in love. It's just such a cheerful way to announce a wedding, and would totally put people in a celebratory mood.

What's even better is the sheer simplicity of it all. All you need are clear envelopes, different sized circle cutouts (in any color you choose) and a rubber stamp with your save the date information. Voila, you're done.


  1. Hi,i'm new to your blog. Just wanted to say you guys are doing an amazing job! It's so beautiful and inspiring!! Shame you weren't around four years ago when I was getting married.But i'm recommending your blog to all my friends who are getting married this year! Keep posting.xx

  2. thanks! it's always great to hear from our readers!