Feb 9, 2010

Fusion Dresses

Fueled by a reader request, today we thought we'd share some of our favorite fusion dresses - any of these would be perfect for a bride looking to meld east and west into one unique look.

Whether it's by incorporating some brilliant color or intricate embroidery or playing with the sillouette, all of these gowns reflect eastern influences in their own way. And we want them all.

images via femefashions, styleablaze, fashion central, thedailylife, indianrosefashonista

Designers from left to right: Raakesh Agarvwal, Amir Adnan, Nilofer Shahid, Raakesh Agarvwal, Anamika Khanna


  1. LOVE THESE! Where can I BUY ONE!

  2. These aren't available online but if you contact the designers directly (via phone or email) you should be able to buy them and get them shipped to the US/CA. It might be easier going through some of the facebook pages for some designers to get the address (i.e. Raakesh Agarvwal). Hope that helps!

  3. Yes, thank you! I was actually the reader who emailed you about this. Still love your site! You guys know this stuff isn't cutting it. You have such good taste! you should design your own stuff and have it shipped here so I can then have something to wear to my wedding. ;) Like, how many real brides wear a bare midriff? My family is freaking out about strapless. I think the fabrics of south asian dresses are really amazing, but the American dresses have more flattering cuts, but maybe I just haven't been able to see much from here since all their sites are outdated and in flash. A lot of designers don't post their stuff for fear of it being copied. okay, sorry, I'm just frustrated.

  4. Yes it can be frustrating trying to buy clothes from South Asia without flying there and seeing the clothes first hand! We've found the best way to find the latest designs is by looking at runway collections. If you are looking for a fusion dress shop online, a good website is "Culture Bridal Couture". You can probably contact them to get a custom dress made that will add sleeves etc. Although most dress shops are pretty accommodating about adding all that on...