Mar 8, 2010

Bridal Trousseau Shopping: Part II

Here's more sage advice about buying subcontinent designer wear from the comfort of your home - courtesy of Ridaa Mian....

image via verve magazine and a bloomsbury life

What I learned:

  • Some designers never pick up their phones, usually because they’re in private consultations with local brides.
  • Some designers are so flexible, they’ll give you their home and cell phone numbers to fit your needs (Nilofer Shahid of House of Meeras and Faiza Samee worked very closely with me and were extremely flexible via phone).
  • Some will outright reject taking orders over the phone, not for any reason other than ensuring client satisfaction through customization.
  • You have to trust the designer you’re working with, otherwise you will never be able to accept the final product.
  • Designers will make accommodations for you. For instance, I was able to get color swatches and fabric samples mailed to me to help in deciding my wedding dress and embroidery.
  • Having someone at the local level can only help. There is always more accountability when there is a physical presence versus limited communication through phone and e-mail. However, many of the top designers are extremely professional and have worked with clients without having met them.
  • The more ensembles you order from one designer, the more likely that you’ll get better service and a better value, but not always. In some instances, the designers just cannot manage a large order and in others, they’ll offer a package based on the number of pieces ordered.
  • The more modifications you make to a dress, the greater the chance that it won’t meet your expectations. Again, trust the designer. They made the dress, they’ll know what colors/fabrics and details would suit that ensemble and you best.

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  1. Could you please give me Bunto Kazmi's email address and/or forward me the pictures she sent you. Also, what are the price ranges for these designers? Thank you for your help! akhusain (@)gmail