Mar 9, 2010

Bridal Trousseau Shopping: Part III

Today we're sharing the last bit of wisdom our bride, Ridaa Mian, had to share about shopping for your trousseau without actually having to travel to Pakistan or India. A little "how to" manual definitely goes a long way....

Also, we completely agree with her on finding a local tailor no matter where you buy your clothes. Last minute fittings are inevitable.

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- You will be able to save a trip to the motherland, and use that time for pre and post wedding fun!

- Limit the stress of shopping in Pakistan, where the political climate is not ideal and boutiques open and close with little to no notice.
- In some instances, you may receive better service because you're calling from abroad.
- If you know exactly what you like, have a picture of it, and know who the designer is, you can almost guarantee you'll get what you're looking for.
- The challenge of not being physically there can be exciting to some. In some instances, you get more time to think through your decisions before placing orders under a time crunch.


- You will never get the South Asian bridal experience that some girls feel is a right of passage. For me, that didn't make a difference.

- You may compromise on a style based on the fact that you're not face to face with the choices available in the boutique and will have to trust the designer.
- You limit the customization process, partially due to fear and uncertainty.
- Your measurements may not come out exactly, because the designer is not taking them himself/herself. To troubleshoot this, you should go to your local tailor and have them take your measurements. Taking your measurements once or twice can help guarantee better fitting clothes.
- You may pay "foreign" prices based on the fact that the designer will know you're working from abroad. From my own experience, the prices I paid were comparable to what the locals paid, but this is strictly at the designer level.
- You will not get the designer shopping experience, where the designer could consult with you and coach you on how to wear your hair, makeup and how to set your dupatta. This is extremely important, but bridal magazines can guide you, as well as a phone call or email to the designer.
- Can be a slow and tedious process and at times, inconvenient.

Next up, we have the final post of this oh so helpful shopping guide! And if you haven't had the chance to yet, you can check out Part I here and Part II here.

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  1. solid summary... definitely pros and cons to either, i like how you broke it down.