May 26, 2010


We've already discussed some disco songs, old-school romantic songs, and entrance songs, but we decided that today would be perfect for Crime Master Gogo to discuss dholki songs:

For those of you who celebrate them, dholkis are fun, carefree, and full of general silliness. Some like to play their favorite songs and let loose on the dance floor, some like to gather around a dholak and sing along to classic folk songs, and some like a little of both. The best part? Parents and grandparents are usually the ones who know ALL the lyrics (at least to the classics) and are ready to get things started, so there's a real sense of tradition being passed down. Especially the call and response aspect of it....

image via ign movies

Having said that, it can be really hard to get everyone to sing at dhokis! There will be a lot of people too shy to sing, and even more who just aren't in the mood. A potential fix would be to play some popular dholki-type songs that people can sing/clap along to without having to carry the tune on their own. Once people get into it, you can turn off the stereo and switch to a real dholak beat and your own voices. Here are a few songs that may help with just that. Some are old, some are new, some are a little complex but all of them are fun.

"Yeh Raat Aur Yeh Doori" from the film Andaz Apna Apna.

"Thoda Thoda Pyaar" from the film Love Aaj Kal.

"Genda Phool" from the film Delhi 6.

"Dhinak Dhinak Dha" from the film Parineeta.

"Mehndi / Madhorama Pencha" from the film Monsoon Wedding (the video exemplifies a dholki perfectly!).

Basically though, it's a free for all. I say go ahead and pick the songs you would dance to in your room as if nobody was watching. Oh, and see if you can find the lyrics online, make copies, and then hand them out so that it's easier for everyone to sing along.

Since all of these are relatively new songs, next time we'll see if we can do a round up of traditional dholki songs..

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