Feb 21, 2012

Sparkly Napkin Holders in Practice

One of our friends, Diana, recently got married and it was one of those weddings where the emphasis was on fun. It was a New Year's Eve wedding, there was glitter, there was dancing, and everyone had a blast. But what really made our day was her diy napkin holders, which were inspired by this post (originally from Martha Stewart Living).

image by marigolds and mithai

We thought it would be interesting to hear from her, and get her thoughts on the project (whether she was pleased with the result, how she felt about the process and whether she would do it again). Here's what she had to say!

I was very pleased with the result. They added a little extra, unique sparkle to our NYE table decor, and a nice homemade touch that I think people appreciated. This was not, however, the easiest craft to pull off. Although the materials were easy to find, I had difficulty finding the right glue that would work. Some would dry too slowly, which resulted in the sequins moving around too much. Others were too expensive and noxious. I ended up using a glue gun. Glue gun sticks are cheap, but the glue gun came with its own potential perils. If the tip touched the ball, the styrofoam would melt, which made me really anxious. Also, our wedding was originally supposed to have 160 people (but we ended up closer to 140), so the craft was quite labor intensive. I ended up inviting several friends over, and opened some wine, and we had a grand time. I truly could not have done this without either quitting my job or having awesome friends. (Actually, I had more then plenty of people willing to pitch in, and I never got to tap all of their glue gun skills.)

images by marigolds and mithai

Would I do this again? Absolutely!! Not only were they, like I said, a nice, sparkly handmade touch to our table decor, but the whole adventure of making them will be something we remember forever. I also had an idea to expand the craft and buy strings of larger sequins and get extra large styrofoam balls to craft a sort of homemade disco ball. Maybe for another event!

We have to say, we totally took a few of these beauties home and are definitely going to use them for our own dinner parties!